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Car Wrap Advertising and Other Adhesive Applications

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Car Wrap Advertising and Other Adhesive Applications

Avoid missing out on easily attainable revenue and brand recognition. Knowing how car wraps can be applied to your vehicle can help you generate a revenue stream to supplement your income or promote your product or service. gathered the following information about how you can financially benefit from wrapping your vehicle while promoting your product or service, how to avoid scammers, and some other applications for vinyl adhesive wraps.

What is Car Wrap Advertising?

Car wrap advertising is a form of marketing that requires your vehicle to be wrapped or covered in adhesive vinyl. Depending on the company that your car will advertise for, the wrap may be to change the car’s color or include text for a specific marketing message or campaign. The result of car wrapping is essentially a mobile billboard that will catch the attention of people around you while you’re driving where you already drive.

Vehicle wraps to support your brand and promote special promotions

Drivers will need to be comfortable with the idea that they will have their vehicles covered in decals, stickers, wraps, or fixed toppers. Fortunately, these are easy to remove and replace when needed. This type of advertising costs companies far less than traditional advertising.

There are multiple options for wraps: They could be a sticker or a vinyl graphic that’s limited to a specific area of your car, like your rear window, a partial wrap, or a full wrap. A partial wrap will cover either side of the vehicle, including bumper decals. A full wrap covers the entire car in decals, and this typically includes all the windows except for the windshield (each advertising campaign will have these requirements defined before it is offered to you).

Can I Make Money Driving a Wrapped Car?

Yes. With a legitimate car wrap advertising program, you can expect to earn anywhere from $100 to $450, or more per month depending on how much you drive, where you drive, how big of an ad you choose to put on your vehicle, and the duration of the campaign.

What Companies Pay for Car Wrap Advertising?

Check out the following four companies for their driver’s applications and vehicle requirements to get your vehicle wrapped and start earning money for your commutes:

1. Wrapify (

Wrapify operates nationwide and has wrapped more than 385,000 vehicles.
“Some cities and regions are much busier than others,” the website states. “Generally speaking, larger cities and towns have higher odds of getting campaigns compared to smaller cities and less crowded towns.”

Eligibility for a campaign requires you to:

  • Be 21 years or older
  • Use a 2010 vehicle or newer
  • Pass a background check

If you meet those standards, download the app on iOS or Android devices to begin your driver application. If selected, you can choose between four advertising options, including a light, partial or full wrap, and “Static” topper.

2. Carvertise (

The company offers partial and full wraps to rideshare and delivery gig drivers, as well as high-mileage commuters. A partial wrap covers both sides and may include bumper decals. Full wraps include decals on the entire body, including all windows except the windshield.

Depending on driving habits and the size of the wrap, the company typically pays drivers between $100 and $300 a month via direct deposit. According to its website, some special advertising campaigns, which span multiple months, may pay up to $1,500.

To qualify, you must drive a 2008-model vehicle or newer, have a clean driving record, and commute at least 30 miles per day. Fill out a driver application and sit tight for the company to get back to you when an advertising campaign is available in your area.

2008 vehicle or newer; 30-plus miles per day; clean driving record

3. StickerRide (

StickerRide is a European company that now operates in the U.S. as well with over 40,000 drivers. As a legitimate car wrap advertising company, StickerRide can connect drivers with advertising options that capture the attention of their target audiences.

To qualify as a driver, there is an app that you need to download (it’s available for both Android and Apple users). Once you register your car, you can choose an active car wrap campaign and head over to one of the company’s specified locations. StickerRide will then wash your car and apply the advertising stickers. As soon as the decals have been applied, you can start earning money. 

One of the downsides to StickerRide is that drivers need to activate the app each time they drive. This is so that the company can calculate the number of miles driven to work out the payment.

For each mile driven, it is multiplied by the driver’s tariff and equals one point. Tariffs are worked out based on factors like location, decals displayed, time, and the type of car. So, payments for drivers can vary.

Ensuring that the app is on at all times might be a bit of a hassle as failing to do so means that the driver loses out on payment for that commute. Certain campaigns require a specific car model, and the driver will only know if their car is suitable once they apply.

However, as a driver, there’s the freedom to choose campaigns. This allows you to choose car wrap advertising that you’re comfortable with. There are also options to earn more by taking part in “flashmobs” or “quests” where you need to perform a task. For example, it could mean taking a photograph of the car in a well-known location. 

4. Free Car Media (

Drivers with Free Car Media have an earning potential of up to $400 per month for their car ad placements.  The expected earning potential starts from $50 per month and depends on the size of the ad on the car. The company places ads on the rear windows of the cars or around the entire car – depending on the requirements of the campaign.

There’s an online application form and, once approved, the company will contact the driver via email to explain the details of the campaign or the program. It will then be the driver’s responsibility to apply the rear window ad, following the instructions provided by the company. 

If the driver agrees to an ad being placed on their entire car, then the company will provide information about where they can go to get the car wrap placed professionally. The driver will earn money as soon as the car wrap is done and they’re off on their first drive. 

The downside of going with Free Car Media is that the driver will need to apply some of the advertisements themselves, and the campaigns can be quite lengthy. Drivers may drive with a single ad on their car from six to 24 months.

The benefits of going with this company are that there are options for the type of ad placement. If you want something a little more discreet than an entire car wrap, you can simply opt for advertising on your rear window.

You can also reject ads that you aren’t interested in or not comfortable with. Declining programs does not mean that drivers will not qualify for future programs. They will still be eligible when another program becomes available for them.

How To Recognize Car Wrap Advertising Scammers

Drivers need to have a look at the application process to ensure that it’s legitimate and formal. It should ask for things such as the car’s make and model as well as your driving history.

Be wary if there is a request for an application fee, as this is not a standard requirement for legitimate car wrap advertising companies. A reputable company will also require proof of car insurance, and they will not approve drivers with cars that do not meet the insurance requirement of the state that the driver resides in. 

Legitimate car advertising companies will not require drivers to cover the costs of application and removal of decals. When there is a promise of reimbursement for doing that, take it as a warning sign that something might be out of the ordinary.

Another essential aspect to look out for is contact details, which should include a contact number and email address that you can test as a driver. Customer service details are a must-have, and if these look sketchy, then it’s best to look elsewhere for an opportunity. 

Be careful not to be fooled by promises that seem too good to be true because those cases usually are!

Will Wrapping My Vehicle Change My Insurance Premiums?

Yes. You will likely be required to list your vehicle for business use. However, as long as your usual mileage and other driving habits go unaltered, you can expect a slight premium increase. Your first campaign will likely generate enough revenue to cover this insurance premium increase.

Other Ways Wraps Are Used

Convert your building, home, appliances, vending machines, and community spaces into an advertising jackpot. The following are just a few ways wraps can protect surfaces while supporting your marketing department, and increasing revenue:


  • Use a building wrap to conceal unsightly renovations or construction activities or advertise a permanent or upcoming attraction.
  • House Wraps can be used to promote neighborhood activities and festivities (elevates community involvement).
  • Restaurants with open floor plans and kitchens can wrap larger appliances to better fit in with the decor and atmosphere (tables are often wrapped to promote menu items and meal specials).
  • Vending machines can be wrapped to promote specific products or convey messages.
  • Elevator doors, walls, floors, and ceilings can be wrapped to better immerse visitors and employees in the atmosphere or theme you want to create.

Note: Perhaps the city using more wraps in marketing than any other is Las Vegas, Nevada. Besides vehicle wraps, wraps are applied nearly everywhere, from hotels and casinos to elevators and slot machines.

Increasing Revenue with Vinyl Adhesive Wraps

In this article, you discovered how to earn money utilizing your vehicle as a mobile form of advertising, avoiding scammers in the business, and other applications for wraps.

By applying vinyl adhesive wraps to your vehicle, you can provide a significant income increase to your financial bottom line. By applying wraps to appliances, vending machines, elevators, or buildings, you can help to solidify your brand strength at much less of an expense as compared to other marketing and advertising strategies.

By not integrating wraps into you will be leaving easy money on the table for your competitors to invade your market and scoop up that revenue.


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