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Disclaimer & Policies

The following are Clash Graphics policies and procedures. Please review the disclaimer in its entirety.  If you have any questions about our policies, please contact a Clash Graphics customer representative. Office hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 630pm


Order Cancelation & Refunds:

Once an order is “in-production”, Clash Graphics cannot edit, change, re-submit files, or cancel the order. Clash Graphics, LLC has a  strict NO REFUND policy for orders already in production. Orders are considered “in-production” at the time they are placed or when a design has been approved.  Discounted reprints are offered at the discretion of Clash Graphics. If Clash Graphics offers to reprint an order, the original order must be returned before the reprint is placed into production. Refunds are not offered for services rendered for both design and printed media.  Please contact a Clash Graphics customer representative for full details and exception policies. ALL ISSUES MUST BE BROUGHT TO CLASH GRAPHICS' ATTENTION WITHIN 30 DAYS OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE. 


Gangrun printing is used in the Next Day Flyers Section. This process means you are grouping your order with other orders to save money. However, the colors and cuts can not be guaranteed for every job on the sheet. This also means if you print a job today and then use the same files next week, they will not be the exact same colors. Printers use the term "gang run" or "gang" to describe the practice of placing many print projects on the same sheet or piggybacking a project on a vacant, unused portion of a print sheetGang Run, also known as a Combination Run or Combo Run, is a term for printing multiple jobs in the same production run on a printing press. By printing similar jobs from a multitude of customers all at the same time, the cost of each job is substantially reduced. This is because the production costs, like press set-up and paper waste, is distributed across many jobs, not just applied to one job.



Proofs are essential to the design and printing process as they eliminate errors and dissatisfaction with the overall design. Customers who pay for Clash Graphics design services will receive proofs as part of the design process. Design changes must be submitted through email. 

Customers who submit print ready files and paid for printing, WILL NOT receive a proof. If the files uploaded are in question Clash Graphics may choose to email you a proof to make sure the files are correct. It is the customer's responsibility to upload the correct files to be printed. However, if you require a proof please request one in the order comment section. In this case, the customer will be notified by email and will receive a follow-up phone call. Proofs must be approved in writing or in-person in order to be put into production. Please advise proofs can add a business day on to your turnaround. 


-Color & Size- 

Due to the nature of the printing process, exact color and cutting cannot be guaranteed. This is especially important when printing blues, if a design has high percentage of magenta, the color may print more purple than blue. Exact cuts can not be guaranteed. There is an eighth inch tolerance on the cutting process. For this reason we do not recommend using borders because the cut can shift slightly creating the border to appear off center. If your job is cut sensitive and requires a border then we recommend ordering from the postcard section or a product that takes 4-6 days to complete. When ordering different card stocks the same color will not be the same. Different card stocks yield different colors even when using the exact same file. We also do not guarantee exact colors when ordering flyers and same / next day business cards. In addition we do not guarantee EXACT COLOR MATCHING from previous orders on any card stock. You can always request a digital proof and express your concern on our color and cutting disclaimer so that a representative can work with you.


-Flyer Counts-

If a product is selected for next day service, it will most likely be produced with gang run printing.  Gang run printing allows for faster turnaround as multiple jobs can be produced at once. Clash Graphics standard policy is that gang run orders will have a quantity allowance of 10% above or below the ordered amount. Please note that gang run orders may include some flyers from another customers order, this occurs during the separation process and is included in error. If the job requires a specific amount of printed product, please request to speak to a Clash Graphics representative prior to submitting the order.



Flyers, posters, and CD/DVD duplications will be branded with “Printed by” in fine print (3 pt size).  The tagline is discrete and helps to ensure that our costs stay low.  If you would like for this to be removed, please notify a Clash Graphics representative at the time of the order.


File Formatting:

Clash Graphics requires that print ready files be submitted as JPG, PDF, EPS, or AI files.  These files should be high resolution (300 DPI), have an eighth (1/8) inch bleed, and be in CMYK.  Submitted files, not including (JPGs) should include crop marks in each corner to indicate cut areas.  Additionally, all files need to be flattened. For more information, please see the “Templates” section on


Production Turnaround:

Order turn-around times are estimated on Same Business Day orders must be processed by 2:30 pm Monday-Friday in order to get them back same day.  Next Business Day must be processed by 6:30 pm Monday-Friday. Production time does not include Saturday, Sunday, or nationally recognized Holidays. Clash Graphics is able to provide estimated pick-up times when the order is initially processed, however, these are just estimates and actual production time may vary based on the amount of in-process orders.  Additional factors may delay production time including, but not limited to: mechanical issues, electrical failure, inclement weather, and power outage. Clash Graphics does everything possible to meet the estimated times, but production times cannot be guaranteed.


Order Status & Pick-up:


Upon completion of print production, Clash Graphics will notify each customer with a specific pick-up timeframe.  If the customer cannot be reached by telephone, an email is sent with specific pick-up instructions.  It is important that each customer checks his or her email regularly for status updates; the notification will include time and location of the product.  All orders that are left outside in our secure and video-monitored area for after-hours pick-up may be brought inside the next business day.  Please notify a Clash Graphics representative if you would like for your product to remain outside for after-hours pick-up.  Clash Graphics is not responsible for orders that are not picked up within the agreed upon timeframe and were left outside at the customers request. 


Orders must be picked-up within 10 business days of initial pick-up notification.  Clash Graphics provides an initial notice of order availability and a secondary notice by email if the order was not picked up within 10-business day’s time.  Clash Graphics reserves the right to recycle orders that have not been picked up within the 10 business day period.  Customers whose orders have been recycled will not be refunded or warranted a reprint. 



Clash Graphics accepts the following forms of payment: cash, money orders, and all major credit cards.  We do not accept check or PayPal payments at this time.  Payment must be received in full prior to be considered “in-production”.  Please see the policy section “Order Cancelation & Refunds” for additional details.



Clash Graphics offers shipping services through United Parcel Service of America (UPS).  These services should be requested during the initial order placement.  Clash Graphics is not responsible for damage, delay, or loss as a result of UPS shipping service.  Additionally, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide an accurate shipping address.  If a shipping address is incomplete or inaccurate, Clash Graphics is not responsible for the delay of product receipt.  If re-routing is required due to an inaccurate customer address, the customer is responsible for any subsequent fees that may occur.  Clash Graphics will do the upmost to ensure that products are received in a safe and timely manner, but cannot guarantee the actions taken by the shipping company.


Free Shipping: offers free shipping on certain products to certain states with a minimum order of $25. The shipping method is typically standard ground but can be shipped using the Post Office. If you are on a tight deadline we do not recommend choosing free shipping as the delivery date is not guaranteed. In addition, we would reroute your order to be printed at our closest press location to your shipping address. 


Atlanta Courier:

Clash Graphics offers a flat rate same day courier for $35. This is limited to inside the perimeter (I285). The cost can go up if the delivery address is outside the perimeter. Same day courier means once the order is ready it will be delivered that day. So if your order is 4-6 day turnaround, it will be delivered in 4-6 days. If your order is a same day and put in production before the cut off, then it will be delivered that same day. Our driver will make all possible attempts to make the delivery on time. However, if customer provides an incorrect shipping address or phone number which leads to the driver not being able to deliver it same day will NOT warrant a refund for delivery or printing. In addition, we might use UPS to get your job delivered instead of a courier if it is beneficial for the customer. 


Discounts & Coupons:

This policy applies to site wide discount events for  Discounts will not be applied to previous purchases or purchases that are outside of the advertised discount period.  Customers must enter the discount code via; email and phone orders will not be accepted for the discount event.


Design Charges:

Clash Graphics reserves the right to charge additional fees for in-process designs.  Additional charges may occur if the design exceeds the originally specified design direction, if changes are significantly different from an originally agreed upon layout, or if the amount of design changes exceed the original design charge. Customers will be contacted before charges are applied to their invoice. Design charges do not cover the release of original files, please contact a Clash Graphics representative for a quote for this service.