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Looking for Yards To Mow to Grow Your Lawn Care Business

Posted by Clash Graphics on

Are you trying to grow your lawn care business with little to no results? By knowing how to market your lawn care business, you can find more yards to mow and turn them into loyal customers.

Professional lawn care results help when looking for yards to mow gathered the following information on marketing your lawn care business to attract new customers, and how to keep them.

How To Find Yards To Mow

Whether you are just beginning or you’ve been in the lawn care business for a while, you can always benefit from new customers and the revenue they bring with them. The following tips are designed to help you grow your lawn care business:

Printed Marketing Material - Until you meet a customer face-to-face, it’s likely going to be the printed marketing material that represents you and your business. The following will help you get the word out about your business:

• Business Cards (
• Brochures
• Flyers (
• Yard Signs
• Door Hangers
• Magnets

Avoid using stock images and overly wordy presentations on your printed material. Take the following into consideration:

• Your printed material needs to create immediate interest with your potential customer. Use images of yourself doing the work, and in their neighborhood if possible.
• Keep your presentation concise and informative.
• Don’t put services or claims in print that you may not be able to perform or keep.
• Use vibrant lawn and garden colors throughout your material (create a color theme).

Work with a print shop that has an internal graphic design department. They can likely help you go from concept to design, and finally to print.

Build A Website - Create a space that your existing and potential customers can visit. Include the following to lend credibility to your business:

• Use photos of your work
• Share your contact information and location
• Include a map of your service area
• Share your prices**
• Include monthly and annual packages
• Describe off-season services you provide
• Include your web address on all printed media and advertising

Get help when building your web site. It is essential to optimize as much as possible, from accessibility across multiple devices to the intentional use of keywords and key phrases. Your website should help your visitor (by providing a solution to the problem they are there for), and be optimized (so your website can be found in searches relevant to your business).

**According to HomeAdvisor, the prices for mowing and lawn maintenance can range from $49 - $219. Although the following number varies based on types of treatments and services, homeowners are spending an average of $133 on lawn services.

Word of Mouth - Perhaps the most effective way to gain new customers is to spread the word and create a level of customer satisfaction that compels them to do the same.

Use word of mouth advertising when looking for yards to mow

For new and existing lawn services, get the word out to everyone you know. This may include:

• Family members
• Neighbors
• Friends
• Coworkers

Canvas the areas where you provide services. Try to meet your potential customer face-to-face and give them your business card, flyer, or brochure. Invite them to visit your website and allow them to make an informed decision about hiring you for their lawn care needs.

Again, in this type of business, you, combined with the quality of your service and your customer interaction, will determine whether or not your business succeeds or not.

Referrals and Rewards - Reward your loyal customers when they refer you to a new customer that uses your services. You can do this in many ways:

• Gift Cards
• Discounted Services
• A free lawn mowing
• Service Upgrade

While these make great incentives, always remember that the quality and integrity of your services will ultimately be the reason your customers refer you.

Social Media - We live in an age where everyone is using some form of social media. They are doing this to keep up with friends, look for services, and offer feedback or comments on just about anything. In addition to your website, consider creating business pages on the following platforms:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• YouTube
• Pinterest
• Tumblr
• Get Pocket
• LinkedIn
• WhatsApp

You can write about your business, take videos of your work, give lawn care tips, and tricks of the trade, and post them on multiple platforms. Invite your customers, friends, and family to follow your pages, like, and comment on your posts.

The more quality information you post (relevant to your business), the more momentum you will gain with your followers and search engine rankings.

Non-Competing Partner Companies - Approach companies that provide home services that you are not in competition with, and exchange referrals. For example, a tree service company will likely have residential customers that need lawn care. Likewise, you may have customers that need their trees inspected or pruned.

In this type of relationship, both companies can get new business by referring their existing customers to each other. It’s a win-win.

How To Keep Your Lawn Care Customers

Keeping your existing and new lawn care customers relies mostly on how well you provide the services they have asked of you. Just as important though, is customer service.

Customer satisfaction and referrals help when looking for yards to mow

Always listen to your customers. Respond to criticism and praise with humility, authenticity, and honesty.

When your customer has a problem, give that problem your full attention and solve it efficiently. When the problem is solved, followup with your customer and thank them for the opportunity to fix whatever was wrong.

How To Get Lawn Care Customers

In this article, you discovered how to attract more lawn care customers to your business through marketing, service quality, and customer service.

By knowing how to market your lawn care company efficiently, you can build on your loyal customer base, and grow your business.

When you neglect your company’s marketing needs or fail to attend your customer’s needs, your business will likely lose revenue and struggle to survive.


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