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Custom Greeting Card Printing for Events and the Holidays

Posted by Clash Graphics on

You don’t have to settle for store-bought invitations or greeting cards anymore. With custom greeting cards you can personalize them, and put your creativity on display for your next business event, holiday gathering, or birthday celebration.

Custom printed greeting cards for company events and holidays defines the versatility and potential for printing custom greeting cards for events and holidays.

Custom Printed Greeting Cards

Anyone can go to a grocery store and pick out a standard greeting card or pack of generic invitations which are likely to find their way to the trash or get tossed on a pile of correspondence. For these cards to resonate with their recipients, there must be more than loosely glued glitter on the face of the card.

There are times that your unique event or circumstances deserve to be fully represented by captivating custom printed greeting cards.

Whether you are sending them as your annual holiday card, a thank you card, to announce a commemoration, or to serve as an invitation, the possibilities are limitless. The following are some of the many events that custom greeting cards can be used for:

Custom printed greeting card categories and marketing strategy

The only limitation to the purpose, design, or content of your custom greeting cards is your imagination. Even if you aren’t very tech-savvy, most graphic designers at your local print shop can present inspirations, help facilitate and bring your ideas to life.

Custom Greeting Cards and Marketing Campaigns

For your business, a custom printed card can be useful and effective. Your greeting cards can take on any form and appearance, including being used as a marketing tool. Take the following, for example:

• Insert coupons that can be used online or in-store.
• Detachable coupons can be printed and dye-cut on the card.
• Offer merchandise discounts for bringing the card to a retail location.
• Print a discount code on the card for online purchases.
• Print a word game or mathematical problem for which the solution is an access code to prizes and discounts on your company’s website.
• Print a short survey on the card requesting feedback or opinions.
• Use Images of new products and services to generate interest.
• Insert a business card to make personal contact.
• Insert a flyer to promote products and services further.

With the aid of your printer, you can design and bring your concept to life. Learn more about custom printed greeting cards at

Custom Printed Greeting Card Envelopes

Just as crucial as your greeting card, is the envelope it is shipped in. If the recipient is not inclined to open it or it is difficult to open, the whole thing may end up in the trash.

Some of the following phrases can be printed on the envelope to generate excitement and interest:

Custom printed greeting cards with promotional inserts and messages

Another aspect of the envelope is its appeal. It should be made from quality stock, have a professional look, and be accurate in its addressing to the individual you intend to receive it.

In cases of invitations and special occasions, the envelope should be entirely personalized to its recipient. This personalization will lower the risk of your invitation being mistaken for advertising or bulk mailing.

Custom printed greeting cards for business invitations and events

Your Custom Greeting Cards

Commercially produced greeting cards can’t convey the personalized message you want to communicate. However, you can have them customized and professionally printed to accomplish a specific goal, and deliver your precise sentiments.

In this article, you discovered the possibilities and versatility of custom printed greeting cards for personal and business uses.

Don’t allow a lack-luster store-bought greeting card to represent your business or marketing concepts. Create a one-of-a-kind card that is sure to become a treasured keepsake.


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