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How Wristbands Help You Identify People

Posted by Clash Graphics on

Don’t lose money, control, or security of your next event. Using poly wristbands can help you clearly identify patrons, notice those that have yet to pay, and avoid the hassle of uncertain or mistaken identity.

Tyvek wristband for identifying patrons and age verification gathered information on the varied applications of custom poly wristbands and the qualities that make them a highly sought after product in the printing industry.

Poly Wristband Applications

The following are many of the applications that poly wristbands ( can be used for:

Age Identification - During events and parties where alcohol is served, those individuals of legal drinking age can be identified by wearing a wristband.

Private Event Access - When your event is by invitation only, wristbands can be used to confirm the person’s legitimacy at the event.

Revenue Control - When events and parties require a paid entrance, wristbands can act as a visible “receipt” of payment.

Amusement Parks - Different colored wristbands can be used to identify people that have paid for specific access levels to rides and events at an amusement park.

Pool Parties - Poly wristbands are ideal for pool party guests and members that belong to a swim/tennis community, since they are highly water-resistant.

Family Reunions - As large families may have different branches, different colored wristbands can be used to identify from which part of the family an individual comes.

Another highly desired product for family reunions are customized t-shirts, which can be ordered at

Hospital Visitors - Wristbands can be used in hospitals to identify a patient’s family members, temporary staff members, and administration visitors.

Personalized wristbands are also used to identify a patient of the hospital, their primary care physician, and any pertinent information about their stay at the hospital. Other wristbands in a hospital environment may indicate:

• Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders
• Allergy Alerts
• Fall Risks
• Sleep Apnea
• Restricted Limb Alert
• Infectious Disease Alert
• Organ Donor

Tyvek wristband used in hospitals for identification and health alerts

Crowd Control - In large venues like ballparks, stadiums, concert halls, and convention centers, a person’s access to specific locations, pre or post-event activities, VIP lounges, meet and greets, and other venue amenities can be granted or limited by the color or design of their wristband.

Tree Identification - If you own a nursery or tree farm, poly wristbands are an ingenious way to clearly identify trees by species, or to indicate that a tree has been sold or other relevant info.

Since poly wristbands can be written on and last for a long time, they are ideal markers or identifiers that withstand exposure to the elements.

Tyvek wristband used for tree and plant identification

Coat Check - For indoor events, poly wristbands can be personalized and used to identify checked coats, scarves, and purses.

Attendance Verification - Having poly wristbands printed with sequential numeration allows event organizers to reduce their margin of error when estimating an event’s attendance.

New Student Transition - New students at universities can be asked to wear a wristband identifying their major, housing location, or their registration location.

As these wristbands are so versatile and durable, they can be used for identification purposes, which you can tailor to practically anything on which you can attach them.

Wristband Material and Production

Within the printing industry, poly wristbands are made most commonly from Tyvek material. Tyvek is a spun-bonded material composed of high-density polyethylene fibers. This material is popular in the production of wristbands due to the following qualities:

• Distinctive look and feel
• Tear-resistant and durable
• Non-reusable as wristbands
• Printable and convertible
• Lightweight and flexible
• Ideal for wet and dry conditions
• Breathable
• 100% Recyclable

Tyvek is also a choice material due to its flexibility of printing options:

• Screen
• Offset
• Thermal Transfer
• Gravure
• Flexo
• Letterpress
• UV Inkjet

The material is so durable that it can be embossed, laminated, foil stamped, stitched, or heat sealed without damaging its integrity or durability.

Tyvek wristband for individual identification

Poly Wristbands and Individual Identification

In this article, you discovered the versatility and many applications of poly wristbands, and why they remain one of the most popular types of wristbands in use.

Using poly wristbands as a form of identification will help you collect all the money owed, maintain a high level of accountability and crowd control when used at venues or events.

By not using wristbands, your organization can lose revenue, security can lose control, and servers may expose you to legal liabilities when minors are served alcohol.


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