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Printing & Design Tips

What is Document Bleed and How to Use it in Printing and Design

Document Bleed is a concept in the printing world whereby you deliberately leave an element of your artwork or design (usually a picture) spilling over the edges of the document beyond the trim edge. When a document is prepared with bleed, it’s printed on a larger sheet of printing paper and trimmed down to the [...]

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Tips to Design the Best Business Card

Think of all the business cards being exchanged during random encounters. No matter the situation, you aspire that your business card will leave a lasting impression and demarcate credibility and trustworthiness to your clients. Effective business cards provide information about you and convey the essence of your organization. After dialogue, exchanging business cards encourages the receiver [...]

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Important Direct Mail Tips for Businesses Using Flyers and Postcards

Postcards are often associated with keepsakes from our favorite vacations. Beautiful images and captivating words on postcards result in an apt representation of timeless memories. These features make postcards useful marketing tools. Direct-mail postcard marketing is a popular marketing trend that helps businesses reach their customers directly. Statistics show that 23.4% of consumers respond to relevant postcards. [...]

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4 Marketing Mistakes Startups Should Avoid

A successful startup is only as good as its marketing strategy. If you provided the best service in the world, or sold the greatest product out there, but no one ever heard of it, can you call yourself a success? Of course not. Understanding how to properly convey your message without error is something every entrepreneur aspires [...]

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Marketing With Flyers - Use, Size, Design and Flyer Printing

Whether promoting an event, product or service, flyers can be effective at capturing attention and delivering your message to your ideal customer. However, all flyers are not created equal. Much of the success of the flyer rides on proper planning and the ability of the graphic designer. Here are a few tips to consider before [...]

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Printing Black - Creating True Rich Black and When to Use It

Have you ordered marketing materials and been disappointed that the black looks dull or more faded than your digital proof? This is a common frustration and it’s caused because the graphic designer chose ‘100K’ black in the design program. This is a common mistake and happens when you do not include other colors from the [...]

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RGB vs CMYK - Printing, Color Profiles & Graphics

When anyone begins working in graphic design or gets acquainted with professional printing services, they most likely run into something they have never heard of before; CMYK. CMYK is a color profile mode used a lot in graphic designing, and a main type of printing process used in the printing industry. It’s different from the [...]

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