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Gang Run Printing - Definition, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Posted by Clash Graphics on

Don't understand gang run printing, and need help determining a more economical way to get your printing needs fulfilled? Learning the practicality, advantages, and disadvantages of gang run printing will enable you to get the products you need quickly and inexpensively.

Gang run printing produces consistent high quality prints gathered information about the definition, advantages, and disadvantages of gang run printing and how it makes economic sense for your project.

What is Gang Run Printing?

Gang run printing (combination printing) is a process in which multiple print jobs are combined on a large single sheet of paper. This method aims to reduce printing costs by sharing the setup costs across multiple jobs. The process involves using a large sheet of paper, placing numerous designs, then after printing, cutting each job down into its correct size.

Gang run printing is used for various printed products, including business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, etc.

Benefits and Limits of this Businesses Printing Practice

While the concept of gang run printing is a brilliant way to economize paper, time, setup efforts, and printing costs, it comes with its limitations. When you require specific paper weight, ink color, etc., the gang run process may not serve your needs. There are some trade-offs, so if you are considering gang run printing in Atlanta, understand the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Gang Run Printing

Among the printing processes available, gang run printing may be the most efficient and economical option. Gang run printing advantages include:

Cost-Effective - One of the most significant advantages of gang run printing is its cost-effectiveness. Since setup costs are shared among multiple print jobs, the overall cost of paper, ink, and printing is significantly reduced. This makes gang run printing an ideal option for customers requiring large print quantities without exceeding their marketing or advertising budget.

Fast Turnaround Time - With gang run printing jobs, the turnaround time is significantly quicker as multiple print jobs are combined in a single print run. This means the prints are produced faster, cut, and delivered to the customer in a much shorter time frame.

Note: Customers can choose the delivery time for their job. Most printing companies can offer same day printing, or more than 7 day delivery (typically, the longer the lead time, the lower the price). More lead time means greater opportunities for your printer to optimize costs by doing a gang run or optimizing delivery routes and schedules. The increased cost-efficiency gained from this technology is transferred to the customers as discounted pricing.

Flexibility - Gang run printing offers significant flexibility for the design and layout of prints. Multiple designs can be combined or arranged on a single sheet, meaning businesses can produce multiple prints without having to order separate print runs for each design.

Quality Prints - Another advantage is its consistently high-quality prints. The process uses high-quality paper and cutting-edge printing technology, and although the cuts are not exact,  the paper and print qualty are consistent - as they are produced in one single run.

Gang run printing increases turn around time and reduces costs

Disadvantages of Gang Run Printing

While gang run printing presents powerfully compelling advantages, it is not the ideal option for every print job. Consider the following disadvantages before committing your resources to this printing process:

Limited Customization - One of the more significant disadvantages of gang run printing is its restricted customization options. Since multiple print jobs are combined on a single sheet, each print job must conform to a specific set of requirements, including:

  • Paper weight, texture, and color
  • Ink type and color
  • Printing technology

This means projects requiring highly customized printing may not find gang run printing suitable for their specific needs.

Inconsistent Color Quality - Another disadvantage of gang run printing is its potential to produce inconsistent color or tone quality. With multiple print jobs combined on a single sheet, there is a significant risk that the color quality and consistency may vary from one print to another. This is especially true when different print jobs use varying color schemes or when the applied printing technology is of a lower standard.

Note: For projects that require specific color matching, or pantone colors for example, gang run printing will not satisfy your needs.

Limited Paper Choices - Gang run printing is significantly limited for paper choices. With multiple print jobs combined on a single sheet, individual print jobs must conform to a specific paper weight, thickness, and quality. Businesses requiring particular types of paper may not find gang run printing suitable for their needs.

Uses of Gang Run Printing

In this article, you discovered what gang run printing is, its advantages, and disadvantages when you require fast, high-quality, and inexpensive print jobs.

Knowing what gang run printing is and its advantages and disadvantages will help you make informed decisions when printing your business cards, postcards, flyers, door hangers, etc.

Lacking knowledge of gang run printing may leave you paying more or not getting the product you planned or needed.


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