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Use Door Hanger Advertising and Marketing to Grow Your Business

Posted by Clash Graphics on

Tired of expensive marketing campaigns with mediocre results? Give door hanger advertising a try! This low cost method of advertising is easy to implement and can grow your business immediately.

Door hanger advertising and marketing Atlanta Georgia

Besides being straightforward and practical, door hangers attract customers to your business and open the door to immediate and future marketing opportunities.

In this article, discusses the many benefits that may make door hangers an essential part of your company’s marketing strategy, how they are able to generate both immediate and future income, and the limitless options you have in creating them.

Benefits of Door Hangers

Like direct mail marketing, door hangers present your company and its product to a targeted consumer. Where door hangers differ is that they aren’t mixed in and lost in a pile of mail, but have to be physically removed from a door handle. This act provides an extra second or two for you to get individualized attention of the potential customer.

Here are a few ideas you can use to guide the designing and distribution of your door hanger:

Shape - Rather than the typical rectangle “Do Not Disturb” sign, use a shorter, rounded edge door hanger, or consider having them cut in a shape which represents your company, or the product you are marketing.

Thickness - Use a sturdy 12pt or 16pt cardstock. Door hangers with this thickness will withstand the elements and give a professional appearance that can distinguish your company or brand.

Door hanger design paper thickness and color Atlanta Ga

Color and Finish - Bright and lively full-color printing will enhance your design work, while UV coating will give it a high gloss finish and captivating aesthetic.

Using a Matte finish on one side will give your door hanger a writable surface, which is convenient for personalization or note taking when the consumer calls for more information.

Perforation - Elevate your campaign’s effectiveness by using door hangers with a tear-off perforation that incites a direct response.

This enables you to include a business card, coupon, membership card, or free pass. The possibilities are limitless.

Content - Since this type of marketing campaign is targeting specific consumers, it is of the utmost importance that you identify their problem and offer a solution.

Less is more! Remember, you have only a matter of seconds to catch your customer’s attention. Whether it’s a question, a statement, a picture, or an offer, the design should be simple and convey the value that your product provides.

Example: In a neighborhood with a severe beetle infestation, a tree care service could use full-color door hangers shaped like a tree or a beetle with a tear-off business card or coupon.

Distribution - As mentioned above, professional distribution companies will charge an average of .20 cents per door hanger. Also mentioned was using your own employees, community group, volunteers, etc.

By using local groups for your distribution needs, you help them through your donations, contributions, or even the camaraderie fostered in a pizza party. The other potential return is a broader acceptance of your advertising and product or service within the community.

Ultimately, you are building a reputation in the community, helping others, and saving money.

Watch this video for more door hanger distribution ideas.

Door Hanger Marketing Response Rate

A variable of any marketing efforts success formula is its response rate. As with other media, door hanger marketing response rates are dependent on how well targeted they are and how relevant they are to the targeted consumer. Results can range from 1% to 5% or more, but on a general basis, you can expect an average of 2% ROI (return on investment).

While this number may seem low, let’s take a closer look at cost, ROI, and how that 2% can grow your business.

Cost - The expenses you can expect for design, print, and distribution of 5,000 door hangers are as follows:

$300 (or more) is about what you can expect to pay for 5,000 high-quality door hangers.
$1,000* for having them professionally distributed (average of 20 cents per hanger).
$200 for graphic design and copy.
Free demographic research at the United States Census Bureau.

$1,500 is the total cost of this example campaign.

*Distribution expenses can be dramatically reduced when you use your own employees, volunteers, church group, Girl Scout troop, or boys and girls club to distribute the door hangers. It may cost you a donation or a pizza party, but you will still be saving.

ROI - Your return on investment can be seen or valued in one of two ways. There is the immediate return or response, and there is the lifetime value of the customer.

For the immediate return, as an example, a house cleaning service distributes a coupon on the door hangers and tracks the number of responses.

For the lifetime value of the customer, the house cleaning service tracks the immediate return, as well as considering the value of the customer over their lifetime (how many total transactions they will make in the present and future years).

In this example, the house cleaning service sends out a coupon which will earn them $25 net profit with the 5,000 door hangers at a cost of $1,500.

At 2% return, the cleaning service can anticipate 100 customers taking advantage of the coupon. The campaign’s gross profit would be $2,500, with a net profit of $1,000.

The formula to calculate your immediate return is as follows:

Percent of Return X Profit = Gross Profit Gross Profit - Campaign Cost = Net Profit

A core variable in the above formula is the percent of return (how many customers out of the total marketed to actually buy). By raising and lowering this percentage, you can create a range of expectations for your campaign.

Growing the Business - While the immediate return may not seem like a big win, the perspective changes when you calculate the lifetime value of the new customers.

Conservatively speaking, let’s assume that the lifetime value of the cleaning service’s newly acquired customers is $4,000. Those 100 new customers equate to $400,000 from a campaign that cost only $1,500.

Primary Advantages of Door Hanger Marketing

Door hanger marketing is surprisingly full of benefits. Here are a few for you to consider:

Cost-Effective - More often cheaper than other comparable marketing strategies (including direct mail), door hangers possess the potential to grow your business in the short and long-term without substantial investment.

It’s a Can’t-Miss - Consumers are greeted at their door, and they must handle the door hanger individually. This increases the likelihood that it will be read and responded to.

Limitless Options - Your door hangers can be printed in any shape, color, size, and finish.

Targeted Consumers - Nothing random here, you are attempting to solve a specific problem or share an offer with a specific group of people.

Extras - Refrigerator magnets, coupons, business cards, and other items can be added to your door hanger to encourage an action or increase its appeal.

Campaign Tracking - Coupon, discount, or promotional codes can be added to door hangers to track and provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of your campaign.

If these benefits aren’t enough to persuade you to consider a door hanger campaign, consider and compare the time, effort, and cost of your other marketing campaigns. You will certainly discover a large disparity between the costs of the campaigns and their respective ROI’s.

Door Hangers in Your Marketing Strategy

Elevating your marketing strategy with door hangers is a cost-effective way to grow your business, local reputation, and revenue.

In this article, you’ve discovered how door hangers can increase your immediate and long-term revenue. You’ve also uncovered many of the possibilities and benefits found in a door hanger marketing campaign.

Straightforward and impossible to ignore, door hangers provide immediate and long-term results. With limitless options and cost-effectiveness as some of the benefits, door hangers should be a consideration in many company’s marketing strategies.


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