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Printed Materials for Your Clothing Store or Boutique

Posted by Clash Graphics on

The opportunity to connect with your customer, showcase product, and create an in-store experience relies on a combination of digital tools and printed materials.

After investing in marketing and attracting customers to your store, now is your opportunity to sell products by using visual tools to showcase how you products will enhance their look and improve how they feel.

In this article, Clash compiled a series of printed materials for clothing store and boutiques. All of these products were engineered to put your brand on display and clothes in the shopping bags of your customers.

Plan Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

The following are printed material used to draw in customers and promote your brand once they are in your clothing store:

Window clings for clothing store display

Window Clings - Whether promoting new product arrival, limited time sales, or seasonal clearances, window clings can generate a lot of new and returning walk-in business.

Well designed, brightly colored window clings can also be used to display images of new products and designs or even your own models wearing them.

Captivating visuals are a familiar art of the shopping experience, and often the catalyst that draws traffic into stores. Use this powerful medium to pique interest and bring buyers into your boutique.

Standup Signs - Standup signs often work in two ways. On the outside of your store (on the sidewalk) facing oncoming traffic, and inside the store next to display tables or informing customers of dates, events, or new arrivals.

The design of this sign must catch a shoppers attention with your stylish fashion, or convey a compelling message or offer. If the printed sign is vague, long winded, or difficult to understand, it will certainly fail its objective. That objective is to be appealing enough to give people a reason to stop and shop your collection.

Printed clothing store poster ad

Posters - Larger than life posters will serve as a suggestion to your customers. These posters attract attention, help in branding and showing potential buyers how stylish they can look if they purchase your apparel.

Posters are generally of models wearing the current season’s apparel. A clever strategy would be to shoot in iconic locations within your community, at local events or in conjunction with organizations which may send business your way.

Since they hang in your store or boutique, the focus can be less on your brand and more on the clothing, setting, and evoking a feeling or emotion.

Marketing Materials in Your Customer’s Hands

Everything in your printed marketing campaign which customers receive should scream STYLE, QUALITY and VALUE! Here are a few of the printed marketing materials that will help your brand’s visibility and provide a greater sense of your value with your customers.

Printed marketing material clothing store flyers

Flyers - Whether it be handouts, mailers, or both, your flyers should be designed to give your customers a reason and a deadline to visit and shop your store.

That reason may be a seasonal sale, free promotional give-away, or invitation to an exclusive event. Whatever the reason, there must always be a sense of urgency and value added to the flyer which will motivate them to action.

Business Cards - Having business cards readily available is a business must! Your business cards should be designed to enhance your brand and be appealing to the eye.

The reverse side of your business card can be printed and used for a one-time discount, promotion, a map or directions to your location, or anything which provides valuable information or value to your customer.

Stickers and Magnets - Who doesn’t like stickers? Producing a well designed and printed sticker or magnet is another way to keep your brand and logo visible and relevant when your customers are away from your store. Stickers allow customers to express brands they like and are essentially free promotion. Think how many magnets you’ve seen hanging on refrigerators for years or even decades.

While these can be sold to your customers, the idea here is that they receive them free with a purchase or are simply given as a gift. Give and you will receive.

Custom tote bags for clothing boutique

Tote Bags, Paper Bags, and Plastic Bags - Thought should be given to the size, design, and feel of your brands’ shopping bag. If your bags look disposable, that is probably how they will end up. People in general are more likely to keep and reuse a high quality, durable and stylish bag.

When it comes to bags, its utility and being “reusable” and “recyclable” is key. Having them printed with your logo, store name or website will ensure continued exposure as your customers use them at the grocery store, farmer’s market, or in transporting personal belongings.

Visibility and familiarity is the name of the game, so to encourage the continued reuse of your bags, offer a discount every time a customer brings their reused bag with them.

With reusing and recycling in mind, not only are you helping the environment and potentially gaining esteem in your community, but stand to benefit your stores’ branding goals.

Custom clothing tags for boutique merchandise

Clothing Tags - Your clothing tags should be a prominent feature of each and every item you sell. Your logo, store name, and pricing are fundamental parts of tag designing and printing.

An Idea to Consider: Design a folding tag which may be personalized on the inside upon purchase. A simple hand written “thank you”, discounted offer, or “come back and see us” will go a long way in establishing a personal and lasting connection with your customers.

Celebrate Your Brand and Value

Help your brand grow in the coming year by conveying value through your printed marketing material. Everything your customers see and touch has the potential to generate familiarity and turn them into lifetime customers.

Your brand, logo, and everything that separates you from your competition should be featured prominently in your printed marketing materials. When used effectively, high-quality print materials offer value and are beneficial tools in helping brand, create visibility, and enhance your boutique or clothing store.

Say “Good-bye 2017” and “Cheers to a successful clothing store in 2018!”

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