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Printing Essentials for Promoting Your Band and Music

Posted by Clash Graphics on

Competition in the music industry is fierce. With so many online platforms to get songs out to the public, there has been a flood of aspiring musicians and bands releasing music haphazardly.

Many believe that releasing a good song is all they need to do to be “discovered”, only to find that without a team, fan base, marketing plan, and consumption of the music, failure is all but guaranteed.

Marketing and promoting band playing on stage

With everyone focused on digital marketing, there is a tremendous marketing opportunity for terrestrial or physical promotion. Don’t misunderstand this, the digital market is important. However, successfully promoting your band and music requires a multi-faceted approach that leverages all mediums and avenues available to provide exposure to your artistry.

The following are physical marketing essentials that any band or musician can use to increase their local visibility, brand themselves, and more importantly, stand out in an over saturated market that's primarily focusing on online marketing and social media.

Using Outdoor Banners and Posters at Events

Banners provide a “larger than life” image that when properly placed will catch the attention of onlookers near and far. To see examples of banners, large format printing, and signs, visit

Likewise, posters are another beneficial marketing tool. In a closed environment or location where there is heavy foot traffic, well designed posters can bring awareness to your latest release, next show, or simply help to increase your exposure to a new audience.

When booking an event, a consideration of your marketing team should be regarding banner and poster placement. Most venues do, so if the venue has the space to support them, plan to use posters and banners strategically.

Having Business Cards and Flyers

The music industry is essentially like any other business. Until reaching “Pop” or “Iconic” status, you will need to consistently promote an exchange your contact information with other music professionals, fans, and media. Professionally printed business cards and flyers are both great ways to accomplish this goal. For business cards, visit

Using business card for promoting band and music

Business cards will share your contact information, while flyers promote your activities, events, for upcoming releases. Both are invaluable tools that are efficient and easy to distribute.

Branding with CD Inserts and CD Duplications

Like anyone else, you probably have a stack of your favorite CD’s sitting somewhere. Some of them have elaborate designs or striking images (full color print), while others only have a name or title printed on them (partial print).

Printed CD design and duplication with insert

Whether you are marketing a single track or a full album, the visual can be as important as the musical content when it comes to brand recognition and accomplishing widespread adoption. Music is often associated with an experience or feeling, and from the branding perspective, its visual representation can also have a profound impact on the psyche of consumers and fans.

Besides CD duplications, CD inserts are a wise option. With inserts, branding, social media, the track listing, band members, and history of the band or musician, etc. can be easily presented and consumed.

The Success of Your Band and Its Music

Success in the music industry depends on several factors outside your immediate control, such as - what genre is popular at the moment, if the industry evolving due to cultural or technological changes, what the listeners want to hear.

However, what you can control is the quality of your music, your persistence, and the strategy you employ for your marketing and promotional efforts.

While nothing can guarantee “super-stardom”, maintaining a balanced quality marketing strategy with both online and physical promotion can help you solidify a place in the market, and hopefully atop the Billboard charts.

As with any other business, advertising and promotion draw attention! However, it is the quality of the product - and in this case music - that keeps the consumer coming back for more.

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